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Theses 2022

At this place we provide an overview of the various PhD Theses that were produced within SILS. A link to the full text of the thesis is provided. SILS Theses before 2016 are available via

Bacillus cereus spore and cell proteome dynamics

Xiaowei Gao

30 March 2022
Supervisors: S. Brul, G. Kramer
Research Group: Molecular Biology and Microbial Food Safety & Mass Spectrometry of Biomolecules
Uva DARE: This thesis online

Molecular regulation of neural stem cell quiescence by FoxO transcription factors

Swip Draijer

4 March 2022
Supervisors: M.P. Smidt, M.F.M. Hoekman
Research Group: Molecular Neuroscience
Uva DARE: This thesis online

The role of central amygdala neuronal types in drug-related and appetitive behaviors

Anna Lien Bouhuis

19 January 2022
Supervisors: H.W.H.G. Kessels, B. Li
Research Group: Cellular and Computational Neuroscience
Uva DARE: This thesis online