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An overview of Masters programmes in which SILS researchers are involved.

The international Master's degree programme offers a choice from various disciplines.

The Master courses in which the Swammerdam Institute for Life Science is involved are open to students from other countries that hold a BSc and wish to continue their study at a renowned Dutch institute. For study-related questions, please use the links below to find the contact details for your programme of interest. 

Master programmes

SILS staff contributes to various Master programmes in the fields of Chemistry, Earth and environmental sciences, Biological sciences, and Biomedical sciences.

Master Biomedical Sciences

The Master's programme in Biomedical Sciences is a two-year programme taught completely in English. The programme offers two clusters: Medical Biology and Neurobiology

  • Medical Biology focuses on the interface between Biology and Medical Sciences. It offers an interesting study for those who are fascinated by acquiring in-depth fundamental knowledge of the biochemical and molecular biological background of medical phenomena, and wish to specialize in one or multiple areas of this field of research
  • Neurobiology is a relative young field of study on the cutting edge of multiple disciplines such as biology, psychology, philosophy and computer science. The Master's programme in Biomedical Sciences - Neurobiology is for those students who are fascinated by the functioning of the human brain.

Master Biological Sciences

The Master's programme in Biological Sciences is a two-year programme for students with a Dutch Bachelor of Science degree or its equivalent in Biology. Some of the tracks of this Master's programme may also be of interest to students of biomedical sciences, life sciences, physical geography, earth sciences, chemistry, environmental sciences, physics, mathematics and even econometrics.

Master Life Sciences - Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

Systems biology has been recognized as a powerful approach to solve biological questions at various levels and to come to quantitative descriptions of biological behaviour, structure and evolution. Also in medical sciences, drug design and biotechnology, systems biology is seen as an avenue to increase our understanding and to improve on applications with regard to production, stability, efficiency and control.

Master Forensic Science

A dead body is found in a harbour. The body is completely packed in black industrial foil, bound together with tape and weighed down with pavement tiles secured by steel cables and chains. The police decide to transport the remains undisturbed to the forensic institute.