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PhD/PD Council

FAQ and links

This page contains a variety of links and documents answering some frequently asked questions for PhDs in SILS. If you have other questions, please check the PhD starting guide who to go to for asking.

Faculty A-Z list

The full list regarding UvA support and facilities.

Link to A-Z list Faculty of Science (Intranet)

Doing a PhD

Most PhD vacancies at the UvA are paid positions; you are an employee of the University. 
All information on doing a PhD at the UvA and the Faculty of Science can be found using the following link:

PhD at the UvA


The following document contains information about how to proceed when looking for housing in Amsterdam:

Recommendations for housing

Finishing on time bonus

PhD candidates that submit their thesis in up to 51 (or 54) months after their contract start date (regular 48 months contract+ 3/6 months) will be able to claim a bonus towards their thesis expenses (printing, reception, etc.). For more information, chek the Clarification below.

Clarification on the finishing on time bonus for PhDs at SILS