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Here you can find an overview of our members. We strive for a good representation of PhDs and PDs over all the SILS Research Themes, so there is always a familiar face to be found. For any questions, problems or comments you are welcome talk to one of our members, as well send an email to: . We are currently looking for new members! Let us know if you're interested.
G.R. (Roel) van der Ploeg MSc

chairman: Roel van de Ploeg

M.V. (Machiel) Cligge MSc

Machiel Cligge (Molecular Plant Pathology)

N.F. (Nicolas) Gaertner

Nicolas Gaertner (Molecular Plant Pathology)

S.T. (Sietse) Kiewiet MSc

Sietse Kiewiet (Cognitive & Systems Neuroscience)

E.H. (Emy) Latul

Emy Latul (Plant Cell Biology)

Drs. Q.C. (Quint) van Loosen

Quint van Loosen (Molecular and Cellular Epigenetics)

L.A.J. (Léa) Salette

Léa Salette (Cellular and Computational Neuroscience)

J. (Joëlle) de Visser

Joëlle de Visser (Developmental, Stem Cell and Cancer Biology)

B.V. (Babette) Vlieger MSc

Babette Vlieger (Molecular Plant Pathology)