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Finishing on time bonus at SILS

How does it work?

To encourage SILS PhDs to finish their thesis within or close to the end of their contract, the following finishing on time bonus claim structure was put into place.

PhD students who submit their thesis in up to 51 months after their contract start date (regular 48 months contract+ 3 months) will be able to claim up to €2000 towards their thesis expenses, involving: printing of the thesis, use of facilities at Agnietenkapel or Aula for the ceremony / reception, reception, lay-outing of the thesis, clothes for the candidate to wear during the defense, dinner with the committee. For other expenses, contact the institute manager for clarification. Only made expenses can be claimed: if your total thesis expenses are lower than €2000,- you cannot receive the rest.

PhD students who submit their thesis in up to 54 months after their contract start date (regular 48 months contract+ 6 months) will be able to claim up to €1000 towards their thesis expenses.
Example: Tony began his PhD research on September 15, 2015. He submits his thesis on January 15, 2020. Since he submitted his thesis in the 52th month after his contract start date, he is not eligible for the €2000 bonus but still receives the €1000 bonus.

SILS PhD/PD Council membership

Members of the SILS PhD/PD Council receive an extra month of time to be eligible for both bonus for each year of service on the Council, but require a majority vote from the serving council members as proof of being active as member as well as approval by the SILS management.
Example: Tony was active in the SILS PhD/PD Council for 2 years, earning him 2 months of extension on the finishing on time bonus, resulting in him being able to claim the €2000 bonus up until the 54th contract month and the €1000 bonus up until the 56th contract month.

Contract extensions

Cases involving contract extensions are assessed on a case-by-case basis. These requests should be received by the institute manager at least three months in advance of thesis submission, preferably as soon as a situation suggests that this would be applicable. Legitimate ground for extension on the bonus includes but are not limited to: pregnancy; extended illness; lab-, group-, institute relocations.
Example: Tony was not able to do any experimental research during the move from Roeterseiland to Science Park for 3 months. He applies for an exception to the finishing on time cut-offs with institute management and upon receipt is allowed to push back the cut-off dates by 3 months.

For further questions, clarifications and claims contact the institute manager (Ivo Huijbers).

Corona measures

June 2020
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all PhD defences will take place online between April – July 2020 and are livestreamed via the UvA Youtube Channel. The period for online defences can be extended following government decisions. A FAQs page has opened on Contact the Pedels office ( for further questions.

During the period of Corona measures, it will not be possible to organise a dinner or reception. Contact the institute manager (Ivo Huijbers) for arrangements regarding claiming of expenses for a delayed reception.