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PhD/PD Council

About the Council

The SILS PhD/PD Council is established to serve as an interface between PhD candidates, Postdocs and the Institute management. Through this interface we want to communicate and discuss specific problems encountered by this group directly with the Institute director. Our main goals are to serve as a feedback mechanism for SILS management from the PhDs and Postdocs, improve the social coherence within SILS, communicate important management decisions to the community as well as the organisation of PhD/PD events and symposia.

What we do

Yearly, we organise the SILS research day with the focus to highlight ongoing research in the institute with a special focus on the PhDs. A career event is also organised each year to give PhDs and Postdocs ideas as to how they can continue their scientific careers in a variety of interesting fields. Another way in which the council keeps SILS members updated on research within the institute is through the monthly SILS-seminars.

To foster better communication and collaboration between researchers we organise regular drinks to which all PhDs, Postdocs and staff of SILS are cordially invited to socialise and get to know each other. We also closely liaise with other institute councils and the FNWI PhD council.

Information for current PhDs; doctorate regulations, documents, skill development etc (intranet)

SILS PhD Strategy

Join us

Please join us in making SILS an even more productive, exciting, excellent and enjoyable place to work in science. If you have any ideas, suggestions, criticism or problems that we can address, please feel free to contact us either by email, join our group on Facebook ("SILS council universiteit van Amsterdam") or come and talk to any one of us directly.

SILS PhD/PD Council Bylaws

SILS PhD/PD Council Facebook page