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SILS bureau and management team

Prof. M.A. (Michel) Haring


Mr I. (Ivo) Huijbers PhD

Institute Manager

Ms A.A.A. (Anoeska) van de Moosdijk MSc

Management Assistant

Ms A.F. (Aly) Eekhof

Office manager

Ms L.M. (Laura) Wind

Office manager

SILS Management Team

The SILS management team consists of representatives for each research theme and Underpinning Technology at SILS, together with the director of the institue and the institute manager. The SILS management assistent supports the management team. 

Dr T.M. (Timo) Breit

Underpinning Technologies representative

Prof. dr. L.W. (Leendert) Hamoen

Microbiology representative

Prof. dr. M. (Martijn) Rep

Green Life Sciences representative

Prof. dr. M.P. (Marten) Smidt

Neurosciences representative

Prof. dr. A.K. (Age) Smilde

Cell and Systems Biology representative