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Cell & Systems Biology

The Research Theme 'Cell & Systems Biology' focuses on the chain of events all the way from modulation of gene expression up to the resulting phenotype in cells. This approach lets us 'look into' living cells to study life processes in real time in situ. The unique information that this approach provides, the possibility of linking this information with metabolomics and proteomics data, combined with the computational simulation of the processes under study, is leading to a shift in paradigm, often referred to as 'Systems Biology'.

Systems biology will be a major focus of research in the coming years. The collaboration initiative 'Cell & Systems Biology' is uniquely positioned to play an important role in this development. The tight links of the research groups in this initiative with the NWO Research Institutes the 'Center for Mathematics and Computer Science' ( CWI) and the 'Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics' ( AMOLF), as well as with related groups at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam assures the availability of all required expertise and of sufficient 'focus and mass'.

The collaboration initiative Cell & Systems Biology harbours the LCAM advanced microscopy expertise centre. Advanced microscopy, a key technology, enables us to bridge the gap between the level of single molecules and the level of aggregates of molecules in single or multiple cells. In addition, it lets us make life processes visible in time (4D imaging).

Research Groups of the Research Theme Cell & Systems Biology

Biosystems Data Analysis
Chaired by Prof. Age Smilde
Dr Anna Heintz-Buschart
Dr Huub Hoefsloot
Dr Johan Westerhuis
Dr Antoine van Kampen

Developmental, Stem Cell and Cancer Biology
Dr Renée van Amerongen
Dr Thijs van Boxtel

Molecular Cytology
Chaired by Prof. Dorus Gadella
Dr ir. Joachim Goedhart
Dr ir. Mark Hink

Molecular and Cellular Epigenetics
Prof. Pernette Verschure
Dr Rutger Gjaltema

RNA Biology and Applied Bioinformatics
Headed by Dr Timo Breit
Dr Martijs Jonker
Dr Rob Dekker

Biological Immunology
Chaired by Prof. Marieke van Ham