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PhD/PD Council

Ratification of the SILS PhD/PD Council Bylaws

On September 4th 2012 the official foundation for the SILS PhD/PD Council was laid with the ratification of the bylaws by SILS institute director Willem Stiekema and chairman of the council Clemens J. Heilmann.


The bylaws outline the duties of council members, interaction with management and the general function of the council (download the full document here).

The goals of the SILS PhD/PD Council are to maintain and promote interactions between the PhD students and Postdocs and institute management as well as identify and solve issues and problems relating specifically to this group. The Council will at maximum consist of 8 members and strives to consist of members from all research clusters of SILS. Besides the aforementioned goals our main tasks are the organization of scientific and social events (SILS Research Day 2012, SILS seminars).

Members benefit from being in the council by working in a dynamic and social group, receiving valuable experience in team and project management as well as an extension on the finishing on time bonus for PhD students to make up for invested time in the council. So if you are interested and passionate about what we do, contact us and see if there is an open spot on the council.


SILS PhD/PD Council Bylaws document