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Results: 21 - 40 of 194
Results: 21 - 40 of 194
  • Plants, roots
    €20 million for plant stress research
    30 Aug 2019
    A consortium headed by the University of Amsterdam will receive a grant of over €20 million to study the relationship between plants and the microorganisms that live on their roots. In due course, this project is ...
  • Chris de Koster
    In memoriam: Chris de Koster
    26 Aug 2019
    On Monday 5 August our colleague Chris de Koster passed away after a long period of illness. Chris was the chair of the Mass Spectrometry of Biomacromolecules research group and a highly valued employee, scientist, ...
  • Vlag
    Rubicon grant for three UvA researchers
    23 Jul 2019
    Three researchers who recently received their PhD at the University of Amsterdam have been awarded a Rubicon grant from the Dutch Research Council (NWO) to conduct research abroad. Marie Deserno, Sylvie Lesuis and ...
  • Veni research grants for 23 UvA researchers
    16 Jul 2019
    The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded a Veni grant worth up to 250,000 euros to 166 highly promising young scientists. The grant provides the laureates with the opportunity to further elaborate their own ideas ...
  • Neurosciences
    Daily hormone cycle important for the aging brain
    2 Jul 2019
    Aging comes with a risk of cognitive impairment and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. The maintenance of neural stem cells is important to keep the brain functioning. Unfortunately, these cells ...
  • Black rot, brassica crops,
    Why are Brassica crops so susceptible to Black Rot?
    22 May 2019
    V-shaped yellow sectors on the leaf edges and blackening of the leaf veins in Brassica crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, radishes or watercress are typical disease symptoms of Black Rot, a major ...
  • en Kepler bij winnaars Academic Startup Competition 2019
    Two UvA spin offs among ten winners Academic Start up Competition
    15 May 2019
    On Tuesday 14 May 2019, the jury of the Academic Startup Competition announced ten winners, from 28 nominated university startups. Two of those ten winners originate from the University of Amsterdam.
  • In memoriam: Prof. Fernando Lopes da Silva
    15 May 2019
    On 7 May 2019, Fernando Lopes da Silva passed away at the age of 84. Fernando Lopes da Silva was a professor at the UvA from 1980 to 2000, first at the Faculty of Biology and later at the Swammerdam Institute for ...
  • Microbes, microbiology
    Funding for studying mechanisms of antibiotic resistance
    29 Apr 2019
    Microbiologists at the Swammerdam Institute of Life Sciences at the University of Amsterdam (SILS-UvA) have received nearly 400k funding from the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) to study ...
  • Prof Inge Huitinga
    Inge Huitinga, professor by special appointment of Neuroimmunology
    5 Apr 2019
    Dr I. Huitinga (1960) has been named professor by special appointment of Neuroimmunology, specialising in the pathology of multiple sclerosis, at the University of Amsterdam (UvA)'s Faculty of Science. The chair is ...
  • Prof Helmut Kessels, KNAW, professor Cellular and Computational Neurosience
    Helmut Kessels receives more than half a million for Alzheimer's research
    4 Apr 2019
    The Hersenstichting (Dutch Brain Foundation) awards € 555,000 to an Alzheimer's study by Helmut Kessels of the University of Amsterdam. Kessels will use the grant to investigate how the natural protection mechanism ...
  • Brain
    Therapeutic insights into the molecular effects of epileptic seizures
    5 Mar 2019
    The molecular effect of mild epileptic seizures on the brain is poorly understood. A team of neuroscientists lead by Carlos Fitzsimons (SILS-UvA) have discovered how to revert effects of small RNA molecules present ...
  • Map of Europe containing pushpins
    Ten researchers to conduct research at UvA with Marie Curie Fellowship
    28 Feb 2019
    Ten talented researchers have been awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship to conduct research at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The awarded projects include research on public support for ...
  • UvA biologists solve the long-standing riddle how lemons can be so extremely sour
    26 Feb 2019
    Citrus fruits come in many varieties and tastes; some are sweet, and some are sour. Extremely sour. Biologists have long sought for the mechanism that enables cells of, for example, lemons to become acidified to such ...
  • NWO
    Three UvA researchers receive NWO Vici grants worth 1.5 million euros
    26 Feb 2019
    The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded a Vici grant of 1.5 million euros to UvA researchers Denny Borsboom and Jaap van Buul and AMC-UvA researcher Diederik van de Beek. The Vici grant ...
  • UvA biologists discover previously unknown survival strategy of bacteria
    21 Feb 2019
    Bacteria that are exposed to a hostile environment, for example with antibiotics or very few nutrients, can sometimes survive by ‘going to sleep’. Biologists from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) have discovered an ...
  • Systems Epigenetics international conference in retrospect
    15 Jan 2019
    Last November the international conference ‘Systems Epigenetics: Towards Precision Cancer Medicine’ took place at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. It was organised by the EU H2020 EpiPredict consortium. ...
  • Famelab web 2018
    FameLab: Pitch your research!
    10 Jan 2019
    Are you a PhD student or postdoc, between 21 - 40 years old, and would you like to learn how to explain your research to a general public ... in just three minutes? Join FameLab!
  • Prof Jaap van Buul
    Jaap van Buul, professor by special appointment of Molecular Cell Biology of Cell Migration
    9 Jan 2019
    Dr J.D. van Buul (1973) has been named professor by special appointment of Molecular Cell Biology of Cell Migration at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Science. The chair was established on behalf of ...
  • NWO
    Three NWO grants for fundamental chemical research
    17 Dec 2018
    The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded three ECHO grants to UvA researchers working at the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS), the Swammerdam Institute for Life ...