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Results: 21 - 40 of 211
Results: 21 - 40 of 211
  • Mood image AI4science
    AI4Science Lab sets out to take scientific data analysis to the next level
    29 Jun 2020
    The organization has been set up, the research programme established and PhD students appointed: the new AI4Science Laboratory is ready for take-off. A virtual kick-off workshop on Wednesday 8 July celebrates the ...
  • Open Science Use Case Award for Joachim Goedhart
    24 Jun 2020
    Joachim Goedhart from the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS-UvA), together with Przemek Krawczyk (AUMC) and Martijn S. Luijsterburg (LUMC) were awarded an Open Science Use Case Award for their case “A ...
  • Introducing the 2020 Amsterdam iGEM team
    22 Jun 2020
    What if we could make the production of interesting compounds more sustainable? A group of master students will take on this challenge and participate in iGEM 2020, an international synthetic biology competition. ...
  • UvA neuroscientists receive European grant of 1.5 million for final phase of Human Brain Project
    15 Jun 2020
    The European Commission has recently approved the start of the third and final phase of the Human Brain Project. The University of Amsterdam has a leading role within this large, international project, that aims to ...
  • Comenius Teaching Fellow grant awarded to Faculty of Science lecturer Erwin van Vliet
    18 May 2020
    The Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO) has awarded a Comenius Teaching Fellow grant to Faculty of Science lecturer Erwin van Vliet. The grant is intended to enable inspired lecturers to implement ...
  • Corona measurements at SILS
    27 Mar 2020
    SILS is monitoring the situation surrounding the coronavirus closely and follows the measurements taken by the UvA. These will be in place until at least Monday 1 June.
  • UvA biologists develop technique for more precise live cell fluorescence microscopy
    24 Mar 2020
    A multidisciplinary team coordinated by biologist Stanley Brul of the University of Amsterdam’s Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences has improved a technique to study live cells in time with the help of ...
  • Marie Curie Fellowships awarded to thirteen UvA researchers
    13 Feb 2020
    Thirteen talented UvA researchers have been awarded Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships to conduct their research. The fellowships are personal grants, which range from around €175,000 to €280,000 euros for ...
  • Know your (true) correlation in life sciences data
    20 Jan 2020
    Correlations are abundantly used in the life sciences and other areas of science. They are easy to calculate and understand. However, correlations based on comprehensive “omics” measurements - such as RNAseq, ...
  • mScarlet illuminating two structures (the Endoplasmic reticulum and the nuclear envelope) within a cell
    Method published for the generation of bright red fluorescent proteins
    15 Jan 2020
    In 2016, biologists of the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences of the UvA (UvA-SILS) have created a bright red fluorescent protein. Good news for cancer- and stem cell researchers, who use these fluorescent ...
  • Credits: Phxere
    How the brain tracks the location of other beings
    17 Dec 2019
    A region of the brain known as the hippocampus constantly keeps track of one’s own location in an environment. It uses this information map to create and consolidate personal memories (like the memory of a music ...
  • NWO Crossover grant for the development of brain implants
    16 Dec 2019
    Prof. Cyriel Pennartz and Umberto Olcese from the Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience group at SILS-UvA are part of a Dutch consortium that received a €14.3 million grant from the NWO Crossover programme for their ...
  • Amsterdam Neuroscience grants awarded to UvA researchers
    5 Dec 2019
    Aniko Korosi, Jeannette Lorteije, Joram Mul, Umberto Olcese and Erwin van Vliet together with Helmut Kessels have been awarded four Amsterdam Neuroscience grants.
  • European grant for research into disrupted integration of sensory information in autism
    25 Nov 2019
    A consortium led by the University of Amsterdam has been awarded with a grant from the European FLAG-ERA 2019 Joint Transnational call programme.
  • Interdisciplinary Doctorate Agreement
    IAS hosts celebration for interdisciplinary PhD candidates
    22 Oct 2019
    Following the establishment in 2017 of the UvA’s Interdisciplinary Doctorate Agreement (IDA), a gathering was held on Monday, 21 October, at the Institute for Advanced Studies to celebrate the hiring of the last of ...
  • Robot thinking with mathematic formulas in the background
    Kick-off of new AI4Science lab
    10 Sep 2019
    The new AI4Science lab starts off this month, by appointing Patrick Forré as its lab manager and as an assistant professor. The AI4Science lab is a joint initiative of the institutes for astronomy (API), biology ...
  • Sprouting-plant-Shutterstock-2019
    Novel insights into regulation of plant-fungi symbiosis
    2 Sep 2019
    Many plants have a symbiotic relationship with fungi to help them mobilize nutrients from their surroundings. Establishment of the relationship is regulated via signalling pathways, of which much was still unknown. ...
  • Plants, roots
    €20 million for plant stress research
    30 Aug 2019
    A consortium headed by the University of Amsterdam will receive a grant of over €20 million to study the relationship between plants and the microorganisms that live on their roots. In due course, this project is ...
  • Chris de Koster
    In memoriam: Chris de Koster
    26 Aug 2019
    On Monday 5 August our colleague Chris de Koster passed away after a long period of illness. Chris was the chair of the Mass Spectrometry of Biomacromolecules research group and a highly valued employee, scientist, ...
  • Vlag
    Rubicon grant for three UvA researchers
    23 Jul 2019
    Three researchers who recently received their PhD at the University of Amsterdam have been awarded a Rubicon grant from the Dutch Research Council (NWO) to conduct research abroad. Marie Deserno, Sylvie Lesuis and ...