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Research within the ‘Plant Cell Biology' group is focused on cellular signalling in plant stress and development.

We investigate the molecular and cellular basis of the plant's response to stress; How are signal transduction cascades organised in the cell, and how do they lead to changes in plant development and stress tolerance? In particular, the role of membranes and phospholipid-based signalling systems is explored, especially those of the lipid second messengers, PA and PIP2 that are quickly (sec-min) formed during plant development or in response to various biotic- and abiotic stresses (see, Research lines). Using a combination of cell biology, biochemistry, physiology and molecular biology, we utilize Arabidopsis thaliana as a model system to investigate how, when and where such lipid signals are generated, how the genes and enzymes involved in their metabolism are regulated, and how these lipid second messengers modulate protein function and affect downstream responses at the molecular, cellular level and physiological level.

Prof. T. (Teun) Munnik

Associate Professor