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The UvA Data Science Centre (DSC) announced seven new interdisciplinary PhD positions. These will research new data science methods that help to tackle challenging problems in a given domain. One of the granted positions is a collaboration between Dr Conrado Bosman Vittini (SILS) and Dr Monique Flecken (Faculty of Humanities)

Perceiving through the language lens: an interdisciplinary data-driven approach to language-perception interaction  

Does language influence our perception of the world? This question has interested Humanities scholars for many years. Recent experimental work shows that linguistic labels can indeed function as 'cues' to the perceptual system. However, the underlying neural mechanisms through which language exerts this top-down influence are unknown.  By combining different data types: anatomical data from structural brain scans (MRI), electrophysiological data (EEG), and behavioural data from psycholinguistic experiment, this project aims to gain deeper insight into language-on-perception effects.  

The project is a collaboration between Dr Monique Flecken (Faculty of Humanities) and Dr Conrado Bosman (Faculty of Science). 

The Data Science Centre

The Data Science Centre (DSC) seeks to accelerate data-driven research within the University of Amsterdam. Part of that mission is to foster interdisciplinary research. Specifically, this programme aims to foster research into new data science methods that help to tackle hard challenging problems in a given domain.  

The DSC is providing funding for seven PhD candidates to perform the research at this interaction. Such interaction is realized through joint supervision: one supervisor with core expertise in data science methods, the other with core expertise in the domain problem.  

The projects are collaborations from across the University and include all seven faculties. An overview of all awarded projects can be found on the DSC website