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To celebrate the international Fascination of Plants Day, our plant biologists 'took a seed' in this beautiful green chair to emphasize the importance of research on plants, and how they contribute to the sustainable protection of crops.

The international Fascination of Plants Day is organised annually by the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO). Plant scientists across the world celebrate it to teach people more about plants and their different characteristics and highlight their importance to our world.

This year, Prof. Michel Haring, Dr Petra Bleeker and PhD candidates Margarita Simkovicova and Nanne Taks travelled to Den Haag to represent the UvA plant researchers. In a short pitch, Margarita Simkovicova explains her work on how biological knowledge (work on the pathogen fusarium oxysporum) contributes to the sustainable protection of crops. PhD candidate Nanne Taks also recorded a pitch in which he explains how his fundamental molecular work on the bacteria that causes cabbage disease can contribute to society and prevent a future food crisis.