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Joachim Goedhart from the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS-UvA), together with Przemek Krawczyk (AUMC) and Martijn S. Luijsterburg (LUMC) were awarded an Open Science Use Case Award for their case “A webtool for interactive data visualization and data sharing”.

The Open Science Awards recognize researchers or research students who have used Open Science to make their research more accessible, transparent or reproducible. On 2 July, Joachim Goedhart (Section Molecular Cytology at SILS-UvA) will present the development and application of webtools for data visualization and sharing at the (online) National Open Science Festival ( This work was assessed as ‘very innovative and future forward thinking’ by the reviewers.

Webtool VolcaNoseR

The presentation will showcase the webtool VolcaNoseR. It enables scientists to generate, explore and share volcano plots that display the data from genome and proteome wide screens with tens of thousands of datapoints.

VolcaNoseR is one of a suite of user-friendly web tools that aim at lowering the barrier for scientists to generate publication quality graphs that are reproducible and shareable. Simplifying access to data also increases the possibility to interact with data through interactive plots, which enables straightforward re-use of published datasets. The development of web tools, such as VolcaNoseR, are therefore important instruments to increase the transparency and reusability of large-scale published data in life sciences and beyond.

For a complete overview of open source and free webtools for data visualization developed by Joachim Goedhart and colleagues see: