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Prof. Cyriel Pennartz and Umberto Olcese from the Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience group at SILS-UvA are part of a Dutch consortium that received a €14.3 million grant from the NWO Crossover programme for their project “INTENSE”. The project aims to develop brain implants.

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With the development of novel brain implants, the INTENSE (Innovative NeuroTEchNology for SociEty) consortium intents to improve the lives of people who are blind, deaf or paralysed, or who suffer from disorders such as epilepsy and stroke. The research combines the greatly increased knowledge about our brain with new possibilities within neurotechnology with the aim of realising new solutions and activities. The large project is coordinated by Prof. Pieter Roelfsema (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience) and will run over the course of seven years. The specific contribution by the Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience group will be to record electrical activity from large groups of brain cells and translate these signals into motor commands to alter behaviour.