SILS Spin-offs

Within SILS, valorisation is valued and we stimulate new business opportunities.



Photanol is a platform renewable chemicals company that utilises proprietary engineered cyanobacteria to process carbon dioxide (CO2) and sunlight into valuable chemical products. is aiming to innovate the microscopy industry with our plug-and-play feature confocal microscopes including the re-scan invention (Re-scan Confocal Microscope). Our new RCM-microscope  has an improved resolution and strongly improved sensitivity as compared to most confocal microscopes. It will be available as a highly affordable, customised device, which is ideal for labs with specific interests, or as an upgrade for existing wide-field fluorescence microscopes. Our goal is an open-architecture system that can be customised at need, and is platform- and software independent.



Macrobian-Biotech was founded in May 2017 by Dr. Lars van der Heide and Prof. dr. Marten Smidt. Its primary
goal is to perfect treatments for disorders of the midbrain dopamine system. The company is currently housed at 
the University of Amsterdam, the heart of academic excellence in the Netherlands.

Macrobian Biotech utilizes state of the art technology and is at the very front of scientific breakthroughs. The
company's step-by-step mechanistic approach to unravel molecular components of dopamine neurons has lead to
the identification of compounds that are able to restore dopamine production. The constant perfectioning and
upgrading of such compounds is the current core business of Macrobian-Biotech. Its perspective is to deliver a
fully tested and safe compound to be verified in clinical trials for neurodegenerative diseases as Parkinson.

Published by  Swammerdam Institute

14 November 2017