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Dorus Gadella and Joachim Goedhart have been awarded an NWO ECHO grant of 260,000 Euro to fund research into sensors that can measure chemical processes in cells to a high degree of accuracy.

Chemical processes in living cells

Their project, entitled ‘A precise picture of chemical processes in living cells’, will be developing new sensors whose fluorescence changes as their lifespan increases, thus making them useful for quantifying chemical processes. After calibration, such sensors can then be used to measure chemical processes in living cells under a microscope to a high degree of accuracy.


The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) allocates more than 2.3 million euros to excellent chemists by means of one TOP and six ECHO grants. TOP grants, which amount to 780,000 euros, are intended to enhance or expand innovative lines of research carried out by established top research groups. ECHO grants offer researchers the opportunity to develop creative, risky ideas that could form the seed for future research themes.

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