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Artists Lilian van Daal and Roos Meerman won a Bio Art & Design Award for a project in which they will collaborate with Katrin Wiese and Renée van Amerongen of the UvA Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences. The award of 25,000 Euros will be used to bring the project, entitled ‘Dynamorphosis – the beauty of inner mechanisms’ to life.

Image: Bio Art & Design Award

The project by the Dutch artist duo Van Daal and Meerman will explore the translation of dynamic biological processes in the human body into products of 3D printing. This will happen in close collaboration with Van Amerongen and her team. In particular, the development of the mammary glands, a focus of the group's research, will serve as inspiration. Van Amerongen and colleagues will also provide the scientific background information for the project. 

From left to right: Roos Meerman, Katrin Wiese, Lilian van Daal, Renée van Amerongen. c: Van Amerongen

Van Amerongen and Wiese were present at the award ceremony on Friday 20 May. An international jury, chaired by William Myers (author and curator, United States), interviewed the 12 competing teams of artists and scientists from which they chose the winning projects. The jury praised the winning Dynamorphosis project for the cohesion between biological processes and 3D printing. They were also very impressed with the possible practical outcome of revealing the invisible beauty of body parts.

The Bio Art & Design Awards

The Bio Art & Design (BAD) Award is an annual international competition. The aim is to allow artists and designers who've graduated no more than five years ago to experiment with bio art and design and to push the boundaries of art and science. The BAD Award 2016 is an initiative by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, ZonMW (Medical Research Council, The Hague), MU Artspace (Eindhoven), Waag Society (Amsterdam), Eindhoven University of Technology (Eindhoven) and BioArt Laboratories (Eindhoven). From 2 December 2016, the winning projects and installations will be exhibited at MU Artspace in Eindhoven.

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