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PhD/PD Council

UvA Doctorate Regulations 2014


In the Doctorate Regulations, UvA' s Doctorate Board has set out the procedures, tasks and responsibilities associated with obtaining a doctorate. Every PhD candidate and doctoral conferral at UvA must comply with the provisions of these regulations. You must therefore familiarise yourself with the provisions of these regulations before embarking on your doctoral programme. The step-by-step instructions below summarise what you need to do when. The Doctorate Regulations tells you exactly how to proceed.

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Training and Supervision Plan

Every PhD candidate should have a Training and Supervision Plan, filled in together with their supervisor(s).

Appointed PhD candidates should complete an assessment form after 9 and 14 months. This is very important for the continuation of your contract so make sure to plan this in time.

Bursary PhD candidates should complete the assessment form for the first time at 12 months.

The most up-to-date form can be found in the FNWI A-Z at ‘Forms P&O Faculty of Science’.

ECTS to obtain your PhD

You need 25 ECTS according to FNWI guidelines (please be aware that these guidelines might differ for your Graduate School). ECTS can be obtained via taking courses, but also via conference visits, writing book chapters (not for thesis) or review / research papers or via lab visits. These can all contribute to your training.


This is the SILS-list for gaining ECTS:


Attendance of a SILS or external lecture, symposium or Research Day

0,3 ects/day

Writing a review or a book chapter

6 ects max

Presenting your work through a talk or (newly made) poster at a SILS or external lecture/workshop/symposium

1 ects/occasion

Training in another lab

0,3 ects/day

Attending a MSc course in an indispensable skill

0,3 ects/day (6 ects max)

Attending outside courses, for instance NOW

0,3 ects/day

Active member of the PhD council

0,7 ects/year (1,4 ects max)


Source: SILS PhD Strategy December 2013, you can find this document on the network-drive (P: drive) in the PhD folder.

Skills Development

PhD candidates can attend courses to improve their research and/or soft skills.

The SILS PhD/PD Council is currently discussing SILS in-house courses and is making an inventory of what courses people would need and attend.

Information on skills development at the Faculty / University level can be found at the UvA website:

This site also contains a link to the Postdoc Career Development Initiative (PCDI), which is not only interesting for Postdocs but also for last-year PhD Candidates. SILS supports training at the PCDI.
More information about the PCDI can be found on

It is recommended to join a Graduate School, to have access to courses and a network of fellow PhD Candidates in your field of research.

If you need an external course for further development of skills necessary for your research project, please speak to your PI (or the SILS Director) about this. There are possibilities.