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Paul Lucassen was interviewed for Dutch newspaper Trouw by Willem Schoonen on Neurogenesis in human brain; “Het volwassen brein heeft jonge streken’, 2 Feb 2019.


Comment by Paul Lucassen for NEMO KennisLink on "New neurons in old brains"


Live Radio 1 interview with Paul Lucassen on ‘New neurons in old brains’ 26 march 2019; "Aanmaak nieuwe hersencellen minstens tot je 87ste


Paul Lucassen was interviewed on the state-of-the-art in Alzheimer’s disease in the ebook; “Onder dementieprofessoren”, by Robbert Huijsman in collaboration with Alzheimer Nederland and Vilans. The book can be downloaded from;


Paul Lucassen was interviewed in NRC (6/7 April 2019) on "Neurogenesis and Electroconvulsive Therapy for Major Depression." 


Paul Lucassen commented in New Scientist on a different paper on electrostimulation and brain aging, April 2019. See "Elektrostimulatie maakt breinveroudering ongedaan".


Aniko Korosi was interviewed at the ECNP meeting about her research on early stress and nutrition. The interview can be found on Youtube


The Popular Science magazine 'EOS Psyche & Brein' published an interview with Aniko Korosi en Paul Lucassen in their article on Early stress and Nutrition; “Nare kindertijd verandert het brein", EOS P&B, nr 3, p 84-88, summer  2018.


Paul Lucassen and others were interviewed in Nature’s News&Views on the paper by Sorrells et al. 2018 in Nature. See "Neuron creation in brain’s memory centre stops after childhood"


Our PhD student Michelle Solleveld (Lucassen/Reneman groups) was interviewed about her thesis work on Ritalin and antidepressive drugs for adolescents, for the magazine Didactief, spring 2018.


Paul Lucassen wrote the script for the educational animation on Major Depression; “Wat gebeurt er in je hoofd als je depressief bent?" for 'NOS op 3', as part of the National Campaign on Depression; “Hey, ’t is Okay".



Article on early stress and dementia, discussing work of Aniko Korosi, Harm Krugers and Paul Lucassen on the website of Alzheimer Nederland 2018; See "verhoogt stress op jonge leeftijd het risico op Alzheimer

Paul Lucassen was interviewed for the UvA magazine Folia summer 2018 on darm bacteria and the brain. 
Read "Zitten mentale stoornissen tussen de oren of in de darmen"


Paul Lucassen was interviewed in the NRC newspaper of 7 sept 2018; “Zo werkt je gestresste brein’.
Read "Zo werkt je gestresste brein


Paul Lucassen was interviewed about senescent, or ‘zombie’ cells, in relation to dementia, on Dutch National Radio 1 'Nieuws & Co’.

Listen to the fragment on NPO radio 1: "vormen zombiecellen de heilige graal in de strijd tegen Alzheimer"


'Paul Lucassen debates stress at the KennisCafé in DeBalie, Amsterdam, 20 feb 2017

Vette Stress - een avond over stress


Interview with Paul Lucassen on Radio 1 on Plasticity in the Brain, 6 Feb 2017 ;

Het plastische brein

See also the press release.


Our paper "Age-Dependent Effects of Methylphenidate on the Human Dopaminergic System in Young vs Adult Patients With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Randomized Clincal Trial" in JAMA Psychiatry was highlighted and discussed in; 

            * Het Parool 4 aug; 'Bied druk kind niet te snel Ritalin

            * Volkskrant 22 Nov; 'Ritalin verandert kinderbrein blijvend'. 

            * and on various websites; www.opvoeding-wetenschap.nl


Interview with Paul Lucassen on National Radio 1 on Stem cells and Exercise, 27 jui 2016. 

Bewegen stimuleert aanmaak hersencellen


Carlos Fitzsimons in Alzheimer Actueel, juni 2015, p. 3-4 (Dutch)

De invloed van stress op de ziekte van Alzheimer


Paul Lucassen for Quest Psychologie

Download and read interview (PDF)


Harm Krugers

Television interview (in Dutch)

View  Television broadcast (Interview starts at 03:38)