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Research line dr. ir. H.C.J. (Huub) Hoefsloot

Networks and Dynamics

Genes, proteins and metabolites interact in a living organism. The ensemble of interactions or parts thereof can be seen as networks. There are different types of biological networks. Protein-protein interaction networks in the synapse and metabolic networks exists in cellular systems. At a higher level in an organism, association networks describe relations between metabolite levels in the blood or between compartments in an organism. In all these networks, time plays an important role. In this theme, we develop methods to model dynamic functional genomics data and built tools elucidate networks using dynamic (time-resolved) data. This is especially relevant for analyzing complex functional genomics data and this connects therefore to the Data Fusion theme.

Dr. ir. H.C.J. (Huub) Hoefsloot

Faculty of Science

Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences