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Researcher Teun Munnik (Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences) receives an NWO ECHO Grant for his research into proteins involved in heat- and osmotic stress signalling in plants.

Teun Munnik

Drought and heat are among the most important climate factors that adversely affect the yield of agricultural and horticultural products. Understanding the biochemical mechanisms that can help plants to increase their stress tolerance is invaluable to food production. For his research, Dr. Munnik will receive € 260,000. This will fund a postdoc for 3 years, who will specifically study the role of lipid signalling molecule PIP2.

ECHO grant

ECHO grants stimulate curiosity-driven research by excellent researchers in chemistry. This enables them to develop creative, risky ideas that can be the source for future research themes. TOP and ECHO stimulate research in three main areas: Chemistry of Life, Chemistry of Materials and Chemical Conversion.