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Stefania Astrologo MSc (Synthetic Systems Biology and Nuclear Organisation group) and Désirée Goubert MSc (UMCG) of the EU H2020 EpiPredict project coordinated by Dr Pernette J. Verschure, published a blog describing the impact of epigenetic gene regulation. The blog entitled ‘Can you control your genes? Yes you can: With epigenetics!’ is released on the online publishing platform Medium on Tuesday 6 June 2017.


A previous EpiPredict blog was written last January by William Beckman MSc (SSB-NOG, SILS) entitledFrom Lab bench to Bed. How understanding epigenetics could benefit breast cancer patients’.


EpiPredict is an initiative of Dr Pernette J. Verschure using a systems medicine approach to understand epigenetic regulation of ER+ breast cancer endocrine treatment resistance development. The EpiPredict consortium, is made up of 15 parties - academic institutes and companies - from eight different countries, having a group of 11 PhD students on board, including three PhD students at the UvA. In addition to performing scientific research the EpiPredict PhD students are being trained within the EpiPredict project to obtain academic skills, entrepreneurship skills and being able to debate and communicate with society. EpiPredict blog writing is supported by EpiPredict outreach partner Biotecture BV.