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Prof. Jeroen Hugenholtz will hold a special chair at SILS for a third term. A third term is uncommon for special chairs, but the collaboration between Prof. Hugenholtz and diverse members of SILS (among which Leendert Hamoen, Stanley Brul and Filipe Branco dos Santos) has been named so valuable, that the board has accepted a third term for Prof. Hugenholtz.

Jeroen Hugenholtz. Photo: Jeroen Hugenholtz


Prof. Hugenholtz will be working on five research initiatives:

1.Development of biobased antimicrobials and antifungals

2.Production of organic acids at low pH/high temperature for non-sterile fermentation

3.Clostridium as a source for fine chemicals (flavours, anti-oxidants)

4.C1-fermentation (CO2, CO, CH4)

5.Algae and other phototrophic organisms as a source for higher fatty acids, pigments, polyphenols