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Molecular Biology & Microbial Food Safety, led by Prof. Stanley Brul, has received funding from the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

Stanley Brul and Benno ter Kuile

The funding of 385.000 euro is meant to appoint a second PhD student at the Swammerdam Institute of Life Sciences on the strategic collaboration between NVWA and Molecular Biology & Microbial Food Safety involving also the special chair of Prof. Benno Ter Kuile.


The PhD student appointed with this funding will conduct research aimed at the understanding and prevention of antibiotic resistance of bacterial pathogens in the food chain. Bacteria of relevance to microbial food safety are prone to acquire resistance towards environmental conditions such as the use of antibiotics in animal feed practices. Such events create potentially harmful situations to the medical field as multiple antibiotic resistance development may occur and could well harm the effective use of these antibacterial agents in treating infection.

About the NVWA

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority is to safeguard human and animal health and welfare. The Authority monitors the safety of food and consumer products and enforces nature regulation. Within the NVWA independent research agency Office for risk assessment and research (BuRO) carries out research on pathogenic micro-organisms. This agency gives advice on safety of food and the welfare and health of animals to the ministers of Economic Affairs and of Health, Welfare and Sport. Benno ter Kuile is coordinating specialist advisor at BuRO.