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Dr Jana Naue, postdoc within the group of Dr Pernette Verschure (Synthetic Systems Biology and Nuclear Organisation) received supportive funding from the Amsterdam University Fund (AUF) for her forensic epigenetic research. Dr Naue is developing a DNA-methylation-based method to detect chronological age of individuals for forensic applications.

Chronological age database

The research project is carried out in close collaboration with the Netherlands Forensic Institute, prof Ate Kloosterman (NFI, FNWI/UvA). The AUF grant supports the set-up of an analysis method of detecting DNA methylation via bisulfite incorporation and next-generation sequencing, a modern tool for sequence analysis. The next-generation sequencing is performed in collaboration with the Academic Medical Center (AMC). Moreover, the AUF funding will be used for the collection of blood samples of various chronological ages to create a database of methylation levels of selected age-dependent markers. This innovative forensic research is well embedded in the education and research focus of the Co van Ledden Hulsebosch Center and the MSc Forensic Sciences education programme at the UvA.

Amsterdam University Fund

The Amsterdam University Fund provides support for special academic and student facilities that cannot be covered by government funding alone. Through this Fund, alumni and friends of the UvA can contribute to strengthening the university, upholding its unique character and academic traditions and ensuring it remains a rich breeding ground for exploration and new ideas.

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