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The Technology Foundation STW has awarded a four-year research grant of €715,000 to Maike Stam of the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS) to carry out the project ‘Epigenetics meets targeted mutagenesis’.

The proposal is funded under the Open Technology Programme of STW and will be carried out in close collaboration with Michiel de Both and Franck Lhuissier of the Dutch plant biotechology company KeyGene (Wageningen). Stam is a specialist in chromatin structure and epigenetics, using plants as a model system, while KeyGene has developed a targeted mutagenesis strategy. In this project, the knowledge and expertise of both men will be combined to enhance the efficiency of targeted mutagenesis, thus making it economically feasible to use the technique to improve crop plants in a non-genetically modified manner. The grant allows the appointment of a post-doc and technician and the purchase of a flow cytometer.

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