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Last week, a jury chaired by Prof. (Louise) Fresco came together to determine the finalists for the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award 2012. A record number of innovative and applicable ideas were sent in this year. The jury has decided to select six finalists. For SILS: Dr. Joan Domingo Espín and Dr. Carlos P. Fitzsimons

The medical benefits of gene therapy have not been fully achieved yet. This is mainly due to:

  1. Technical limitations in delivering genes efficiently in living organisms/cells.
  2. Risks associated with the use of genetically modified viral vectors.
  3. The high production, storage and transportation costs. We aim to tackle these limitations using alternative non-viral vectors. *We present the innovative idea of using engineered modular proteins as alternative vectors for gene therapy* Our Modular Protein-based vectors could provide a safe, inexpensive and easy to use technology for the growing field of gene therapy and result in a substantial improvement in the treatment of a variety of human diseases.

Research group Structural and Functional Plasticity of the Nervous System