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SILS career lunch

SILS Career Lunches aim to expose you to a variety of different career paths and stimulate you to start your own career development. The concept? 1,5 hours around lunchtime (or sometimes around Dutch "borrel" time for a Career Borrel) to let yourself be inspired by people who faced the same difficult decisions and fears about the future and eventually found the right path.

For every event, we invite 3-4 guests with a Life Science PhD to talk about their specific career choices and experiences. In small groups, you have the opportunity to ask questions about those choices, ranging from the decision-making process in the beginning to specific job requirements or simple descriptions of day-to-day tasks. All of that while enjoying a free lunch!

Joining a Career Lunch is not about finding your dream job right now.  But it will get you started with networking and provide you with more insights to make an informed decision in the future.

Upcoming Career Lunch dates

  • 19 February 2019     SILS/IBED Career  Lunch 
  • 7 May 2019                SILS/IBED Career Lunch 

Other FNWI Institutes have similar career events where you are welcome as well.

Keep an eye out for the posters and invitation emails with registration details!


Questions about the lunches or suggestions for themes?

Contact Chiat, Eike, Ernesto, Katrin and Stefania

dr. S.C. (Chiat) Cheong

FNWI career service

Dr K.E. (Katrin) Wiese

Postdoc at Molecular Cytology

Ms E.K. (Eike) Mahlandt MSc

PhD candidate at Molecular Cytology

Ms S. (Stefania) Astrologo MSc

PhD candidate at Synthetic Systems Biology and Nuclear Organisation