DutchBrain: National Outreach Event of the Human Brain Project

02Mar2018 09:00 - 18:00


Advancing our understanding of the brain through novel research, infrastructure and technology in the Dutch setting. Participants will be informed about activities and progress in the Human Brain Project.

Participants will learn about the various possibilities for collaboration through or with the HBP Core project and Partnering Projects and engage in discussion on how HBP brain research, infrastructure and technology can advance research in general and more specifically in the Dutch setting.

Participants will also be informed about international developments and funding opportunities and be strongly encouraged to seek participation in, and make use of, the infrastructure and scientific network offered by HBP. The programme will comprise talks, posters, exhibitions, and discussions.

About HBP

Envisioned for the period 2013-2023, Human Brain Project is a Horizon 2020 FET Flagship Project funded by the EU with the goal of advancing neuroscience, medicine and computing.

In the challenging times we are living in, understanding the brain and its diseases plays an increasingly important role. With an ageing world population, brain disorders due to degeneration and stroke are becoming more prominent and to cure these disorders, we not only need more clinical brain research but also fundamental insights in brain function. How does the brain learn and perceive, how does it become conscious?

How does the brain integrate the multitude of stimuli it receives to finds its way and survive in the environment? And what does Brain Research have to say about recent developments in AI and robotics? In addition to performing Neuroscience experiments, the Human Brain Project (HBP) builds infrastructure to manage brain data, perform simulations of brain processes, analyse large-scale data and mimic brain function in robots and novel computing technologies.



De Rode Hoed, 102 Keizersgracht,1015 CV Amsterdam


Please mark 2 March in your agenda and register for joining the HBP National outreach event in Amsterdam. Online registration before the event is required. The event is free to attend unless you wish to order lunch, which will then cost 20 Euro. The programme can be downloaded on the event page.

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