Successful Systems Biology conference

31 January 2016

Dr Matteo Barberis (Synthetic Systems Biology and Nuclear Organisation group) has organised and chaired the successful 16th International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB), held from 23-26 November 2015 in Singapore.

The scientific programme, presenting interdisciplinary approaches in various research areas of systems biology, has attracted about 250 enthusiastic attendees world-wide. Matteo’s efforts to successfully recover the set-up failure of a Chinese organisation in only 5 months have been recognised by Hiroaki Kitano, pioneer in systems biology and co-chair of the ICSB 2015, and by the international Systems Biology community.

International Society for Systems Biology

The annual ICSB serves as the main international meeting for the International Society for Systems Biology (ISSB), a relatively young society that aims at advancing world-wide systems biology research. Matteo is the executive director of the ISSB: he coordinates and promotes its scientific activities, such as the strategic alliance with the newly launched journal of the Nature Publishing Group, ‘npj Systems Biology and Applications’, and the upcoming journal of Elsevier, ‘Current Opinion in Systems Biology’, for which he serves as member of the editorial boards.

Published by  Swammerdam Institute