ABC grant awarded to Paul Lucassen and Liesbeth Reneman

17 March 2015

Prof. dr Paul Lucassen (Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences) has been awarded a €250.000,- project grant together with Dr Liesbeth Reneman (AMC) by Amsterdam Brain & Cognition Center for their project: 'Detecting neurogenesis in the live human brain using magnetic resonance spectroscopy; effects of exercise on cognition'.


Exercise ('running') increases the number of newborn neurons in the brains of adult rodents. This process of 'adult neurogenesis' has been implicated in learning and memory, but could so far not be detected in the live human brain.

Together with other groups, Lucassen has developed novel automated protocols for magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), a scanning approach that allows us to reliably detect human neurogenesis in vivo. Using this innovative MRS approach they will study, in an interdisciplinary setting with Reneman from the AMC and groups at UvA, VU and in the USA, whether physical exercise can stimulate neurogenesis in the live human brains also, and whether this can indeed modify cognition.

Amsterdam Brain & Cognition Center


Published by  Swammerdam Institute