Grant for applied plant research at SILS

15 January 2015

The SILS research group “RNA Biology & Applied Bioinformatics (RB&AB)” was granted ~300 k€ by the government Top Sector Horticulture and Propagation Materials.

In a collaboration with ten seed breeding companies, united in the “Virtual Lab for Plant Breeding” (VLPB) association, RB&AB will perform an inventory of all small-RNAs in the economically relevant crops: tomato, sugar beet, cucumber, potato, bell pepper and melon. The recently discovered small-RNAs offer the potential for innovative plant breeding.


The VLPB focusses on the development of pre-competitive ICT infrastructure that allows storage, integration, and usage of plant genomics data and information for plant breeding R&D. The current VLPB association members are: 



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