Hans Westerhoff appointed Fellow of the International Society for Systems Biology

30 September 2014

Hans V. Westerhoff (UvA-SILS) has been appointed Fellow of the International Society for Systems Biology. At the awarding ceremony 16 September in Melbourne, Westerhoff and two other new fellows, Leroy Hood (ISB, Seattle) and Hiroaki Kitano (SBI, Tokyo) were recognised as originators par excellence of Systems Biology in the three corresponding parts of the world, Asia, the Americas and Europe.

Jeroen Oerlemans

Prof. Hans Westerhoff. Foto: Jeroen Oerlemans

These very first Fellows of this relatively young society were honoured because of the excellent systems biology produced by them and their research groups. The International Society for Systems Biology (ISSB) is a society aimed at advancing world-wide systems biology research by providing a forum for scientific discussions and various academic services. 

Its annual International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB) serves as the main international meeting for Systems Biology.  In addition, ISSB helps organize a series of symposia, workshops, and educational programs.  It is allied with the journal ‘Molecular Systems Biology’ and will soon also team up with a new journal of the Nature Publishing Group, to be called ‘Systems Biology and Applications’.  The ISSB helps coordinate researchers to form alliances that serve the unique needs of multidisciplinary life science research.

Hans Westerhoff takes part in the following research projects: Synthetic Systems Biology; VU Microbial Physiology, AIMMS; and University of Manchester.

Published by  Swammerdam Institute