Green Life Sciences seminar

19Jan2018 11:00 - 01:00


by Dr. Michiel Vandenbussche


" Floral Patterning, Nectary Development and (multicellular) Trichome Development:

Three case studies revealing molecular divergence/conservation between an Asterid and a Rosid species”.


Group leader of Evolution and Development of the Flower

RDP laboratory, ENS Lyon, France



To better understand the architectural and molecular diversity in the higher eudicot clade, one of the main projects in our team is to compare the mechanisms that control flower development in the model species Petunia and Arabidopsis, which belong to the Asterids and Rosids respectively. Rosids and Asterids represent the two largest higher eudicot clades and separated >100 MYA. Here I will present three case studies covering the molecular mechanisms underlying floral patterning, nectary development, and blade and multicellular trichome development, revealing some unexpected differences or similarities in the molecular mechanisms underlying these processes.




(followed by a discussion and interview session with the speaker for PhD-students)


venue: G2.10

  • Science Park 904

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  • dr. F. (Francesca) Quattrocchio

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