Past SILS career events

Past lunches

  • 6th edition: Let me give you some advice …

Featured Barend Bouma (European Patent Attorney), Marein de Jong (Sr Policy Advisor) and Amber Heijboer (Science Officer & PhD coordinator)

  • 5th edition: PhD check, get set, go!

Featured Jeroen Bakker (Associate Merck Venture Capital), Nietzsche Lam (Associate Medical Publications Manager & Neuroscience Education Developer) and Jackie Johnson (Medical & Scientific Communications and Freelance Medical Writer)

  • 4th edition: Transitioning into a commercial environment

Featured Danielle Counotte (Neuroscientist at Danone), Carsten Linnemann (Scientist at KitePharma) and Ilse Huijskens (Career and Recruitment Services Advisor at CIS)

  • 3th edition: The story behind the science

Featured Ricardo Paap (Academic skills teacher), Annette Dirac (Research funding advisor) and Sheba Agarwal-Jans (Journal publisher at Elsevier)

  • 2nd edition: Academia with a twist

Featured Christina Helbig (Postdoc and public outreach strategy), Ivo Huijbers (Head of transgenic core facility), Chris van Schie (Sr Researcher and project manager) and Erik Manders (Associate professor and scientific director

  • 1st edition: One step aside

Featured Gerjon Ikink (Research and science policy advisor), Casper Huijser (Operational and financial manager) and Chiat Cheong (Coordinator and policy advisor career service)

Published by  Swammerdam Institute

12 December 2017